Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Been a While..

It's been so long since I posted! I've been soo busy with school, so I never have time for crafting, much less posting. Anyways, I made a Tumblr recently (and I don't really care about keeping it hush hush..), and I really love browsing pictures of handmade art. I found some of bookbinding, so I made my first book.
I cut printer paper in half to make the pages, folded them into groups of 4 or so, then sewed through each group to make loops on the spines. I then ran a strip of paper through all the loops & glued the two end pages to the covers that I made out of cardboard covered in paper. As a finishing touch, I covered the spine with a piece of DSP.
Part of the inspiration for posting again was that I got a new camera, and it takes really good pictures.

So if you guys wanna follow me on Tumblr, my address is
Thanks for checking in(:

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